How does it work?

Shake & Sip Cocktail Making Party has a menu of 6 cocktails from which 3 cocktails can be chosen for your party. Our Mixologist will show everyone how to mix, shake and garnish your creation to perfection. It’s a party on its own or combine it with a Paint & Sip or a Nudie Rudie Charcoal Sketch for a really BIG NIGHT OUT….

Supplied for your Shake & Sip Cocktail Making Party are the following

  • Cocktail shaker & equipment
  • Cocktail glass
  • Sugar Syrup and all the mixers
  • Ice
  • Garnishes

You choose 3 of these cocktails:

What do I need to bring?

    The Queensland Government Licensing Dept will only allow us to offer this event as a private party where the participants bring their own alcohol along…

    As an example if you chose to make the following cocktails for a party of 8 people (our minimum number of participants) you will need to bring along the following:

    Love Potion #69

    • Continental Triple Sec 40ml x 8 people = 320ml (500ml bottle $25)
    • Conquistador Tequila 20ml x 8 people = 160ml (700ml bottle $40)

    Sexy Mermaid

    • Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 20ml x 8 people = 160 ml (350ml bottle $22)
    • Coconut Rum 30ml x 8 people = 240ml (Coconut Beach 750ml $15)

    Liquid Panty Dropper

    • Vodka 20ml x 8 people = 160ml needed (200ml Vodka $24)
    • Coconut Rum 20ml x 8 people = 160ml needed (see bottle above for Sexy Mermaid)

    Outlay for alcohol for 3 cocktails for 8 people = $126

    Divided between 8 people is $15.75 for alcohol purchase with plenty left over to enjoy

    *pricing sourced from Liquorland outlets