The Classics

  • Big day at work? Tired, stressed, and needing to unwind? Or just want to catch up with some pals in town? Our After Work Quickie Paint and Sip is perfect for you! Don't drive all the way home, just pop into our city studio after you clock off. Bring your friends and bring your own drinks! This is an express session - 90 minutes of relaxation and creativity. No BYO food at this event. Please consider a platter from Plattered Up.
  • Bring along your better half for a night filled with fun, laughs, and lots of love. Work together to paint your separate canvases to create one big combination painting.
  • Our Weekend Warrior Paint & Sip is a great time for all - couples, friends, families are welcome! Have you been dating forever and want to do something new and fun? Or are you looking for a fresh catch up with old friends? Join us for a Weekend Warriors Paint & Sip! We have added the option to include a platter! Yummo!
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