When it comes to planning the ultimate children’s party, Bottletops & Brushes has got you covered. From customised painting sessions to engaging craft parties, let’s explore why we’re the go-to choice for unforgettable parties in Mackay.

1. Customised Paint Parties
Tailored to your child’s interests, our Paint Parties can align with any theme. Whether it’s enchanting unicorns, mesmerising oceans, or friendly animals, the creativity is limitless. Plus, you can pick a painting from our gallery wall on the day if you’re stuck for ideas.

2. Vibrant Tie Dye Parties
Want a party that offers a take-home treat? Our Tie Dye Parties fit the bill. Each child gets a t-shirt, tote bag, and a scrunchie or bandana to transform into a colourful masterpiece. They’re not just attending a party; they’re fashion designers for a day!

3. Cool Science Parties
For budding scientists, our Cool Science parties will leave them amazed. Making a lava lamp, crafting a bouncy ball, and launching a rocket? Now that’s a party full of thrilling discoveries!

4. Dreamy Dream Catcher Parties
Encourage the inner artisan in every child with our Dream Catcher Parties. With a vast selection of yarn, beads, flowers, lace and trims, each guest gets to craft a stunning dream catcher to keep nightmares at bay.

5. Slime Party Extravaganza
Slime is a hit with kids, but not so much with parents cleaning up! At our Slime Parties, children get to create fluffy, glow-in-the-dark, and glitter slime, and we tackle the mess. It’s a win-win!

6. Macrame Crystal Necklace Parties
Perfect for children aged 10+, our Macrame Crystal Necklace parties teach macrame knots while also exploring the properties of crystals. Participants also get to decorate a personal journal, making this party as educational as it is fun.

7. All-Inclusive Packages
Besides the main attraction, we can organise birthday cakes, decorations, food, games, and prizes for your party. Or, you can BYO food and drinks and leave the art fun to us. Either way, we make the party planning process a breeze.

Hosting a party with Bottletops & Brushes means creating an unforgettable experience that’ll be the talk of the playground.

Whether it’s at our studio or your chosen location, we’re ready to make your child’s next party a fantastic fiesta of fun and creativity. So why wait? Get in touch and let us turn your party into a masterpiece!